Solar Thermal / GeoThermal

The sun's radiance is responsible for about 1000 watts of energy for every square meter of surface exposed to its radiant energy. Have you ever walked past a brick wall on a cool spring evening only to notice that the wall was very warm? You can feel the heat radiating off of the wall very easily. This is the effect of what is known as the "Solar Constant". Rest assured this energy is free, easily harvested, and available for at least the next 500,000 years. We could say that "We are into solar because it is good for the environment" or "We're part of the solution to climate crisis" or "We want to save the planet for our children". While those things are true, we'd rather state the obvious: "Free energy just makes sense. It's getting to the Earth anyway, why not use it?"

Automatic proudly installs the finest solar heating systems from:
  • Viessmann Solar - Vitosol 300 Evacuated Tube and Vitosol 100 Flat Plate thermal collectors,
  • Vitosolic solar controls
  • PAW - The worlds finest modular pump stations and manifolds.
  • Steibel-Eltron - Super insulated Domestic Hot Water Tanks, affordable thermal collectors, solar control systems.
  • Solarnetix - Sophisticated and intelligent solar control systems
Some common uses for solar thermal energy are:
  • Heating your domestic water for bathing, laundry, and dishwashing- Accounting for up to 30% of your fuel consumption!
  • Heating your home - Your LARGEST energy consumer: COMFORT!
  • Heating your pool or spa - These are HUGE energy gobblers!
  • Melting snow on driveways and sidewalks - another huge energy consumer
  • Car Washes
  • Restaurants & Foodservice Institutions
  • Health Clubs
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